Test Day

The next scheduled Test Days are May 31, 2017.

Test Day tickets will be available starting May 2, 2017.

Test Day Tickets are no longer availabe for purchase for the May 31, 2017 Test Day. Please contact your coach if you missed the deadline.

Test Day Registration and Fee Instructions

For our test days, the required method of payment for test fees are through product purchase on-line. Please login to your member account or create one to purchase test tickets for as many tests as your skater is taking. Your coach will let you know how many and what tests they are by providing you with an envelope with this information. Paying online will reduce overhead costs associated with processing cheques for test day.

How to pay for test fees online:
1. Go into the Skate Saskatoon website www.skatesaskatoon.com
2. On the top right hand corner, log into your account (enter your email address and password)
3. Go to shopping cart on the top right hand corner
5. Scroll down the page until you see Test Day Ticket Skate Saskatoon Members (there is also Test Day Ticket – non-Skate Saskatoon Member (out of town skaters))
6. Add in your quantity for test fees. Please note that each test will cost $25. There is no discount for multiple tests. ADD TO CART
7. If you are from out of town, you will add 1 as quantity of $35 to your cart for your first test. Press ADD TO CART. If you are taking additional tests, press PURCHASE OTHER PRODUCTS. You will then purchase the quantity of additional tests at the $25 as a Member test ticket. ADD TO CART
8. Once all is added to your cart, you can press CONFIRM & REGISTER.
9. Review your order to ensure the amount of test tickets you bought are the amount of tests your skater is taking (Read and Accept Terms and Conditions).10. Add a comment to the invoice: indicating the skater name, Skate Canada # and test applied to the ticket.  If skater has a different name than the member name or more than one skater.11. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press PAY BY CREDIT CARD
12. A receipt will then be emailed to you for verification that test fees have been paid.
13. In your invoice, click PRINT on your test day ticket. Place this printed ticket in your envelope that you received from your coach AND turn it in to the office prior to the deadline.Test fees are $25+gst for registered skaters (no ice fees required) and $35+gst for out of town skaters (ice fees required) (additional tests will be $25) GST applies.

If you require additional help, email support@skatesaskatoon.com for assistance.