Fall 2018 September Skating Seminar Featuring Elizabeth Manley


The Seminar took place at A.C.T. Arena (107-105th Street) on September 8 and 9, 2018.

It is designed for Advanced CanSkaters (Canskate Badges 4-6, figure skates), StarSkaters 1-5, all levels of Competitive Skaters, Parents, & Coaches.

On-ice sessions will focus on jumps, spins, transitions, and stroking.  Off-ice sessions will focus on stretching, flexibility, enhanced motion, and rhythm.

PARENTS – Parent sessions include presentations from RUSS PROSKO (skate purchases, sharpening, maintenance, and care).

COACHES - all coaches are welcome to attend the on and off ice sessions.  Registration is required.

An exact schedule and groupings will be sent out closer to the Seminar date.



Registration Information:

Skater registration is split by skill level, please make sure you register for the section that matches your child's skill level.