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STAR and Competitive Skate


Skate Saskatoon STAR and Competitive skaters train on the same sessions, which are designated as
STAR 1 - Gold, STAR 3 - Gold, STAR 4 - Gold etc.

Program Information can be found here.

The Skate Canada STAR and competitive systems consist of 2 aspects:

  1. Assessments:
    1. The same STAR Assessments (1 - Gold) are used for both systems
  2. Optional Competitions:
    1. STAR:  Regional and Provincial Competitions (Riverskate, Winter Classic and others)
    2. Competitive:  National Qualifying Competitions (Sectionals, Skate Canada Challenge, Canadian Tire National Skating Championships, as well as Winter Classic, Sask Skate etc.)

Off-Ice Training


Off-ice training for figure skaters, which includes off-ice jumps and fitness is available through Competitive Edge Training,  which is owned and operated by a former Skate Saskatoon Skater, Brooke Robertson.



More Information on Skate Canada STAR 1-Gold programs can be found here.


Skater Progression

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